Jun 23, 2012

The Quest For The New World Order: A Brief Study Of Zionist Movement In Malaysia Part I

1. Many knew that the world we have today is as a result of the 2nd World War.

2. Thousands have stipulated thousands of theories regarding the grisly event but one fact remain true; the birth of the Zionist State was the ultimate result.

3. How this came to be was a surprise to the Arab World. They have since wage war upon the new regime the day they declared their sovereignity.

4. The Ottoman Empire was dissolved and there was the Egyptians to wage the lonely war.

5. It was not a surprise of how the newly born regime able and capable of waging the war all by themselves.

6. It was the British Empire under Rothschild and United States under Rockefeller influences which had dump the remaining WW2 artileries unto the Zionist Regime.

7. As a result, the Arabs had fought the war that they can't possibly won, and thus Egypt fell under an enourmous debts of which it's children are paying until today. The war debt that can never be erased.

8. The brilliant yet cunning mind of both Rothschild and Rockefeller combined produced another quick remedy of which to lure it's victim. The World Bank.

9. So, they have controlled regions of which there are no escape.

10. Somewhere in the late 50's, the evil gaze of these two Zions set upon a small and unsignificant nation to the southeast.

11. Once a land under the British Empire, this small nation rose too quickly to power.

12. The same trap of which they did to the Palestine did not sprung the way that they wanted it to be.

13. Under the ruling of one native, they have managed to play the trap of which Rothschild and Rockefeller left.

14. The trap was how to unite the natives with two kinds ofoutsider. A feat that the Zionist thought was impossible to accomplished.

15. And yet, this small nation at the edge of the world managed to overcome.

16. Nonetheless, the Zion thought that it would not last to see it's first decade. So they set up another trap, within 10 years after independance, if there were to be any racial riots, the Zions will come back and this time they are planning to stay indefinitely.

17. So, the native known as Tunku manuevered the nation as carefully as he could, like a ship captain sailing through treacherous storm.

18. This Tunku realized that the racial tension soon could spark into a riot before the end of the decade term. So he made one of the biggest decision that he had ever made since Merdeka.

19. To set Singapore loose.

20. So Tunku had bought desperate time in desperate hour.

21. The tense soon broke. In 1969, shy 2 years after the probation period, the racial hatred finally reared it's ugly face. The racial riot between the natives and the ex-outsiders.

22. Yet, the devilish plan cook by the evil twins have been averted once again.

23. But they could not care even less, more than 2/3 wealth in this rich nation were under their control through international companies.

24. The one after Tunku, Razak as he had been called as, have a duty to reunite the clashing race. He had spent his entire breath to make this to be a reality.

25. Then came the one they called Hussein. His short term managed to propel the nation into an industrious one.

26. Then came a tiny giant. He had saw what the zionist had intended to do. He understood the real significant of economics and terms of which he have to decide to take.

27. This Mahathir quickly became a bane of which they could not remove. As if a fish bone stuck in your throat. Too tiny to pick it up, and yet too uncomfortable to leave it be.

28. During the cold war era, each of the warring block had visited many countries to expend their influences. This small nation was not exampted.

29. The Zionists which operated the CIA visited a young student brought to be known as Anwar Ibrahim. And the Communists visited a student activist named Hishamuddin Rais.

30. So began the political life of Anwar Ibrahim as a pawn of the Zions.

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